Why Una Realidad?

Una Realidad is about relationships

Una Realidad, or "one reality" in English, is a concise description of our mantra.

Mark Ooi, CEO of Una Realidad, stems his experience from over 10 years in the digital advertising industry in Melbourne, Australia. His appreciation for economics, culture, and technology as well as his extensive travels blend to form this vision: that we all share one reality.

No matter where you are from, through technology, you now have the power to form relationships with individuals thousands of kilometres away. You have the power to influence a community thousands of kilometres away.

And this is what Una Realidad is about: borderless relationship and influence.

We chose the Philippines as our stage for forming relationships and focusing influence. Its unique economic positioning yields opportunities that unite people and business together in a way that brings our mantra to life.



Offshore Insourcing Services

Set up a satellite office space in The Philippines to provide your operation with scalability and redundancy.

Offshore Software Development

Our studio holds the best developers to come out of The Philippines.

Outsourcing Consultations

Want to set up your own operation in The Philippines? Let our dedicated, consultants on-the-ground help you get set up from start to finish.


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